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  • Legal Aspects of Dealing with the Emotionally Disturbed.  Being a police officer has become more and more scrutinized.  With the advent of new technology, like cell phone cameras, in-car devices and lapel microphones and cameras, officer conduct has become the focus of a great deal of media attention.  When events occur, the question often switches from, “Did the officer do wrong?” to “What should the officer have done differently?”  This question becomes even more critical when the subject of the officer’s actions is an emotionally disturbed person (EDP).  In this webinar, you will learn:  (1) Qualified immunity when dealing with EDPs; (2) How the ADA impacts individual liability and qualified immunity; (3) The symptoms and indicators that signal to officers in the field that they may be dealing with an EDP; (4) Methods and tactics that will help you successfully deal with an EDP; and (5) Hands-on scenarios.


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